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Welcome to Acme Bullet Company

We are a manufacturer of Lead Cast Bullets.  We do not sell Loaded Ammunition.  We often get asked why we chose the name ACME Bullet Company.  ACME by definition means “Apex” or as we say, “The epitome of all things good and pure.”  We set high standards for ourselves and believe the cast bullet reloading community has even higher expectations of us.  We are competitive shooters ourselves and up to the challenge to earn your relationship.

Why do we do it?

We are passionate about shooting and reloading as well as the camaraderie that it builds.  Bottom line, we love the smell of gun powder 24/7 and also reload lead cast bullets.

As tinkerers by nature we enjoy reloading our own ammo.  Our lead cast bullets are accurate and the only thing we use.  We took control over the most vital component of our game, the amunition.   In addition to premium lead cast bullets we also offer New Starline brass, cleaned range brass and Shooter's Choice cleaning supplies to better service your shooting needs.

Known to be impatient individuals we figured out we couldn’t work for anyone else. We took control over our products, procedures and perception to ensure long standing relationships.  We humbly admit we are too old, experienced, stubborn and/or intelligent to work for anyone else.  It isn’t sexy, but it’s true.  We love it.

We wanted to create a business with as many “Made in the USA” products possible.  Everything we utilize in our shop is Made in the USA.  We handcrafted our own inspection tables, cast bullet packaging system, range brass sorting machines and even a few tools! 

We wanted to create an affordable solution for shooting enthusiasts like us.  We do this without skimping on quality as we use certified 92/6/2 lead bullet alloy from a foundry. No smelting wheel weights or other unknown alloys here.  We also save the customer on shipping by half of what most other competitors charge.  The average cost to ship is $12.00-15.00 per 500 230grain RN bullets.  We can do it for $6.00.  We developed our own packaging to fit the flat rate.  This was done to earn your relationship as a life partner in the shooting community.  You can order 2-3 individual 100 counts as well to ship for only $6.00.  We hope you like our package as it is 100% reusable and not made out of cardboard.  It was developed for tinkerers aka cast bullet reloaders like you. 

Did I mention we are impatient? We simply got fed up with trying to order from others and the product was not available for 2, 3 sometimes 4 or more weeks.  Our inventory system and production capacity gives us the ability to maximize our lead  bullet casting to ensure that your order goes out within 72 hours, period.


Acme Bullet Company - Wisconsin