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Welcome to Acme Bullet Company

ACME Bullet Company is a manufacturer of  Lead Cast Bullets& Hi-Tek Coated bullets. 

We also sell Speedloaders,cleaned Range Brass, and new Starline and Prvi Partizan Brass.

Why choose ACME lead cast bullets?

 **  Our premium reloading cast bullets are made with certified 92-6-2 lead for a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16.

 **  ACME Bullets are shipped in a unique  wood box that protects the bullets during shipping.

 **  Our hard cast bullets are lubed with Magma Engineering blue lube.


Coated in red Hi-Tek coating and nicknamed "lipstick" bullets, the benefits of ACME+  coated bullets include:  

  • The Hi-Tek coating molecularly bonds to bullet totally encapsulating it. 
  • Coating prevents lead to bore contact. 
  • Less smoke.  Range Friendly! 
  • Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders. 
  • Can be shot through Polygonal rifling.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to liability reasons we DO NOT give load data.  There are many sources available to you as reloaders including various reloading manuals, forums, powder manufacturers, and fellow shooters. 


Acme Bullet Company - Wisconsin